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Well-managed projects take your business forward, late projects hold you back

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The strength of your business is in the hands of your weakest supplier

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Disasters always happen to other people, until they happen to you

Rubicom Solutions

Bringing Technology under control


Welcome to Rubicom Solutions

Is technology keeping you awake at night?

Today's technology means businesses can operate through the night. But if your business systems are a nightmare, your projects are running late or your suppliers aren't delivering real value, you may find you're working through the night too. Wouldn't you prefer technology that's working for you and not against you?

Rubicom Solutions can help get business systems, projects and suppliers back under control. We provide you with technical leadership, expertise and support when you need it, for as long as you need it. Our virtual CIO service gives you a rest from technology stress. Wouldn’t you like to wake up instead to technology that's under full control?




The construction industry is an information-intensive industry sector. All construction processes need regular data transfer between project participants on a frequent basis.


Financial services organisations have long been at leading (if not bleeding) edge of technology. In many large financial institutions, it’s often quoted that nearly a third of the company staff are accounted for by IT employees.


Education is becoming an information-intensive sector but as with many industry sectors, one of the overwhelming issues is in integrating technology and training teachers to embed their technology for best results.

How we work


This is a quick way to understand your technology from your managers, your users and your technical staff’s perspectives. Usually this is accomplished by brief discussions with representatives from each set of staff to quickly identify issues, risks and areas for concern.


A technology adviser who can lead or guide you in any capacity you need, ensuring your business objectives are respected and protected.


A long-term business relationship, over regular cups of coffee, to review project progress and anticipate future needs.
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